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Hello, I'm Pauline...  

You can call me P. I'm an entrepreneur, filmmaker, author, and online educator from Sydney, Australia! I'm the founder of multi-award-winning Stevie business: Story Rock Star.

Yes, that's me swinging around that Gold Stevie trophy for Solo Entrepreneur of the Year. I went all the way to New York City to collect Stevie in 2019. Yes, when jumping on a plane from the other side of the world, was second nature. Stevie and I went on to have a one-night stand, in a New York Hotel room, sharing a bed together! The shame of it!


How did I win? I'm glad you asked.


Firstly, I had the confidence to back myself and enter. Something guys do all the time. Ladies, take note, it really is that easy to be seen and valued. Being nominated for any award you have ever heard of: Oscars, Golden Globes, and business awards like the Stevies come down to you entering and championing your talents or that of your business.


Secondly, I used my storytelling and filmmaking skills, to help teenagers, businesswomen, companies, and charities just like you, tell a better story about themselves. That was the pitch, and I can do this for you or your business.


It's way more FUN telling the world your BEST story.


Positive stories give us the confidence to rise up and claim our space in the world. They make us feel more confident, stronger and braver. I know deep inside you is a story the world needs to hear. Ditch the shy, SMALL story and create a new BIG Hollywood blockbuster! 


Head over to the Learn with Me page to find out more about my online courses that are changing the lives of teenagers and women globally.


I hang out virtually on Instagram here: 

@paulinevfindlay @storyrockstar

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