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Hi, I'm Pauline...  


I'm an entrepreneur, filmmaker, author, and online educator from Sydney, Australia! I'm the founder of a multi-award-winning business: Story Rock Star. I'll help you create your best story, to live your best life!

New Story...New You!

Great stories give us the confidence to rise up and claim our space. They make us feel more confident, stronger, and braver. I know deep inside you or your company is a story the world needs to hear.

I collaborate with individuals, government agencies (Hearing Australia, NAL), schools, and teenage charities (Hear for You). I have worked with teenagers who experience hearing loss and mental health issues. I've helped them tell their stories and share them with the world. My interest in hearing loss is from a personal experience of living with tinnitus daily. 

Check out my courses that are changing the lives of teenagers and women globally. You don't have to be a teenager to access the beginner courses, you need to find your inner teenage spirit. 


My approach is straight talking and actionable tasks. I believe that execution is the key to change. If you don’t do the work, you won’t see the change and I'm about to change your world and mine.


Look I’ll share with you my dream… I want to see more women and girls ruling the world. I want to see gender equality and I really want to see the world around me reflected in business and government. I want to see it sooner not later.


I created the Leading Ladies Club so we can change the world together. Ladies, your story is your ticket to changing your life. I believe we all have a superhuman in us... I want you to find yours through your story.


I hang out virtually on Instagram here: 

@paulinevfindlay @storyrockstar


Solo Entrepreneur  - NYC - 2019
Start-Up of the Year - Paris & Las Vegas - 2020
Education Hero of the Year - Asia Pacific, International Business Award - London, Women in Business - Las Vegas 2022

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"Straight talking, direct, no fluff and definitely no BS! If you're looking for someone who will give you direct feedback while championing you to succeed, Pauline is the real deal!"

Tiffany Clay

Life Coach

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“Trust me, you won't find better than, award-winning Pauline Findlay for all your creative needs, not only can she tell a great story she will pull one out of you too!”

Shola Adewusi

Actor/ Writer /Producer

Screen Shot 2021-02-02 at 2.07.18 pm.png

“Clever, powerful, engaging, passionate, and fierce! You know those people who have the X factor? Look no further. Pauline's got it.”


Yas London

Executive Director, ySafe Social Media & Cyber Safety Experts


Be the Leading Lady of your life!

Leading Lady = strong, confident, bold, and knowing your own mind! 

Come join the club.

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Let’s Engage

Phone Number: +61 421 778 778         Email: 

  • Pauline Findlay Instagram
  • Pauline Findlay Linked In
  • Story Rock Star Instagram

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