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Can You See It?


What happens when a rock star falls in love with an ordinary girl?

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What happens when a rock star falls in love with an ordinary girl?



Can Lola feel the music, before it’s too late?


Lola has a secret. It’s not that her mother has kicked her out of home. Or that her new housemates are dead people. It’s not hiding her growing feelings for Kain, the punk rocker who’s recently arrived in town and turned her world upside down. Lola is going deaf, which for a musician, totally sucks.


Lola has one chance to change her destiny, from undertaker to classically trained musician. Can she win a scholarship to London, before her hearing disappears completely?



Reader Reviews

"It's wonderful to read a story with a young deaf girl as the hero." - Bec Stewart

"Highly recommend this book, great for teenagers and even adults." - Tiffany Clay

"Can you feel it? was an entertaining and educational read!"  - Jacqui Young

"I read it all in one go - couldn't put it down!" - Niris Kaya

"A thoroughly marvellous read." - Kurt R. Ovard


Nominations & Script Competitions

Australian Writers' Guild - Nominated Monte Miller

Academy Nicholl Fellowships - Quarter-finalist 

Final Draft Big Break - Semi-finalist 




Author / Filmmaker Pauline Findlay works with deaf teenagers who wear either hearing aids or Cochlear implants. She has taught them storytelling and filmmaking for the past 5 years. She helped created the first Sydney Deaf Film Festival through her work with Hear for You.


Can You Feel It? was inspired by her research with the deaf community (who are now her close friends) and her own experience with tinnitus, that lead her to an audiologist office in 2008. And the rest, as they say, is history! She hopes you enjoy Can You Feel It?

Email your thoughts to: pauline@paulinefindlay.com