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Leading Ladies Club

'New Story, New You' - Tell your best story... Live your best life! - Coming Soon!

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Are you always playing the supporting character in life? When do you have the chance to be the leading lady?


This will be a course for women who want to kick start their lives, who know deep down they have the confidence and ability to be great, they just need a spark. Working in an industry where 83% of the jobs go to male directors for no good reason, I’ve dealt with a lot of self-doubts. I’ve faced my fears using the power of storytelling. Why should sexism and misogyny define who we are? We are so much better than that!


This course will help you create the positive success story you know your life can be. I will explain how the principles of storytelling, combined with positive psychology, can help you visualise the life you want and provide the power to push through the challenges.


Be the leading lady of your life!


New Story... New You!


Be the first to know when I launch the Leading Ladies Club in 2022.

Pauline is a five-time International Stevie Winner for her business. In 2022 she won Education Hero of the Year in Asia Pacific and London for her online courses. She isn't just a teacher, she is a tour de force educator.

If I can do it, you can do it! Come learn from me how to change your life for the better. Be the driver of your own destiny! You are one story away from the success you dream of! Help me change the world one woman at a time.


Check out the welcome video to get a feel for the course.

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Tiffany Clay
Life Coach

Straight talking, direct, no fluff and definitely no BS! If you're looking for someone who will give you direct feedback while championing you to succeed, Pauline is the real deal!

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Yas London
 Executive Director, ySafe Social Media & Cyber Safety Experts

Clever, powerful, engaging, passionate, and fierce! You know those people who have the X factor? Look no further. Pauline's got it.

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Shola Adewusi
Actor / Writer/ Producer

Trust me, you won't find better than, award-winning Pauline Findlay for all your creative needs, not only can she tell a great story she will pull one out of you too!


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