Liv - Short Film


Teenage punk Liv is being brutalised by cyber bullies and loathed by her mother. A chance for change and discovery comes when she enters an art competition and falls in love with Jasper. But can her passion for art and tattooing help her to overcome the bullies?


Pauline Findlay and Tracey Savage ran a successful crowdfunding campaign Project 300/100 to fund Liv. 



World Premiere - Palm Springs ShortFest 
Australian Premiere - Flickerfest 
DAM Short Film Festival - Boulder City Nevada 
Australian Writers' Guild nominee for 'Monte Miller' award 



Writer/Director/Co-Producer: Pauline Findlay

Producer: Tracey Savage

EP: Carolyn Johnson


Raised awareness for cyberbullying through its international festival run.  Liv resonates so powerfully with its audience, it often receives standing ovations and fist pumps from teenagers.