Beginners' Filmmaking

Create your story and share it with the world! - Launching June 2022

If you’ve ever wanted to shoot a short film but didn’t know how to start, this is the course for you. I've been running this filmmaking course for 10 years. I've helped teenagers with a hearing loss and mental health challenges share their story with the world. I’ve condensed my 20 years’ experience in film, TV and documentary into six accessible lessons, designed to explain the principles of filmmaking in a fun, engaging way.

This practical, hands-on course covers all aspects of filmmaking, from crafting a script to filming the idea and editing it into a film that is worthy of film festival selection. Topics include the principles of storytelling, who does what on the film crew, script structure, shooting styles and gear options, storyboarding and shot choices, editing, sound and music. I have subjects dedicated to Documentary and Legacy Storytelling. Come tell your family story!

Each lesson is offered as on-demand video, with a comprehensive information pack and practical homework challenges, to help you learn. As part of the course, each week I run a live 'drop in' Zoom class, where you can meet other students or just ask me some questions about that week’s lesson. A link to the Zoom class will be added to the Padlet page weekly.

Come and join in the fun, and share your imagination with the world. You don't have to be a teenager to join, you need to be excited to learn something new. All videos are captioned and transcribed.

Find out when I launch the next Beginners' Filmmaking course here.

Check out my short film Liv below.