Beginners' Photography

Every photo tells a story... what's yours? - Launching June 2022

I’ve been taking photos since the days of film. Let me teach you the foundations of photography and how to take better pictures. This is a hands-on, practical course for beginners of all ages. It's captioned and very easy to follow. Whether you are using your phone camera or want to get out of Auto mode on your first DSLR, the principles of good photography are the same.

Over six lessons, you will learn about photography gear, framing and composition, ISO, light, depth of field, shutter speed, the exposure triangle, and editing your photos.

Each lesson is offered as on-demand video, with a comprehensive information pack and practical homework challenges, to help you learn. As part of the course, each week I run a live 'drop in' Zoom class, where you can meet other students or just ask me some questions about that week’s lesson. A link to the Zoom class will be added to the Padlet page weekly.

Come join us, you just might have a really snappy time! Sorry, I couldn't resist! But really, join me, it's fun and you will meet some lovely, like-minded people.

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Check out the Introduction to the course in the video below.