The Shame of our Nation — Mind the gap ladies, it’s getting larger!

It’s just not cricket!

The Australian Cricket Team falls to 39 in the world rankings, down from 15!

Across the pond, those Kiwis are now number 7!

Imagine if that statement was true. It could easily be about any sport that we Australians love. Tenth in the pool at the Olympics: there’s no shiny metal being number 10, no national pride. Radio host Alan Jones would be jumping up and down screaming: it’s a national disgrace! We can’t let those Kiwi’s do this to us, they are a country with a population five times smaller! Come election time, money would be promised to solve the situation. Action would be taken. The national shame would be too much to bear.

Well, the gender gap in Australia is our national shame and for us women it’s too much to bear. Each year it is getting worse, not better. In 2006, according to the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap report we placed 15th in the world for gender equality, now we are 39th. How could this happen? Rwanda is placed 6th. Yes, Rwanda. We are sandwiched between Serbia and Columbia just to put some perspective on it. So, when men say it’s getting better, well actually it isn’t and for our indigenous and LGBTIQ sisters it’s even worse. If we were losing this badly in sport, swift action would be taken.

50 years ago this year, Equal Pay for Equal Work was introduced into Australia. Yes, 1969! The end of the swinging 60s. Who would have thought we would still be talking about the gender gap 50 years on! Women are 47% of the employees in Australia, we deserve better and we are determined to get it.

Anti-discrimination on the basis of sex was legislated in 1984, that’s a whopping 35 years ago. Yep, it’s a national disgrace, I think even Alan would agree.

At this rate, it will take 202 years to get parity/equality according to the World Economic Forum. I’m not going to be alive then and I’m not prepared to wait.

To return to the cricket…the women are currently whipping the men’s butts with less funding and less pay. I often hear this comment: women need to get jobs on merit! Okay, shall we look at the cricket figures to argue merit?

The Women’s Cricket Team International Salary in 2017/8 $179,000 (after a whopping increase because it was so woeful)

The Men’s Cricket Team International Retainer in 2017/8 $816,000

International Male Cricket stars can pocket up to $2 million a year. If it was merit-based we would be paying the women more, because currently they are outperforming the men on the international stage. See below.

International Ranking

Women Team Ranking: 1

Men Test Ranking: 4

ODI Rankings

Women 1

Men 6

ODI Batters

Women 2 — Ellyse Perry

Men Not listed in Top 10! — Alan, it’s something to shout about.

ODI Bowlers

Women 3 — Jess Jonassen

Men 10 — Josh Hazlewood

Every year that we women are paid less, the more our long-term livelihood is diminished. I hate to bring it back to maths but compound interest matters. When women earn less, less goes into our pensions and that means more women end up in poverty in their retirement. Women are the backbone of Australian society, often raising the next generation of little Aussies while caring for the generation above them in their twilight years. They deserve better now and in retirement. It’s time for JUSTICE!

Wikipedia says: Justice is a concept based on ethics and law that means that people behave in a way that is fair, equal and balanced for everyone.

We, the women of Australia, want a fair go. We aren’t asking for more, we are just asking for what is fair.

We need justice, because through justice we will get equality.

For those men that believe in justice for all, we need you to rise up with us and make justice happen. We need you to be the champions of change to help women turn this boat around, pronto! Together we can make Australia a more equal and inclusive country, and closing the gender pay gap is the first step. If you have a daughter or sister don’t let her retire in poverty #BalanceforBetter is needed. Let’s address the shame of our nation, together.

The proof is in the numbers

World Economic Forum Gender Gap Report 2018:

World Economic Forum Gender Gap Report 2006:

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SMH Article on Cricket Pay Offer:

Pauline Findlay is a feminist, author, filmmaker and fighter for human justice. She can be found at

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